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#178 "Under The Infinite Night Sky"

Any law passed that gives the power to discriminate against, and marginalize, another group of human beings publicly, in a place of business or a government office, because of religious beliefs, is destructive, backwards, and a step towards theocratic tyranny. No individual should be forced into choosing between being who they really and hiding it, just to get service by (e.g.) an award-winning bakery.

About the drawing...one night after dinner, I pulled out my boxes of crayons and some paper for my six-year old niece and me to have a speed-drawing session together. I made three, and she made at least three times that amount. The above comic was one of the ones I drew that night. From time to time, I make Crusted Salt comics using just crayons (with the exception being the dialogue), and I thought this one fit well into the collection. I thank my niece for the inspiration to get off my butt and finish a few drawings. There's nothing like sitting down and trying to out-speed-draw a kid. Below is one of her drawings from the session:

a crayon drawing by a six year old


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