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#139 "Running Artists No. 2"

Pop art, Pop-Tarts...I like them both. I treat myself more to the former these days. Once in awhile, Andy Warhol’s work comes through town, and I never miss a chance to go see it. His work is interesting, but I find how he expressed himself in the medium of life even more so. He was prolific in how he created an environment in which other artists could flourish, always urging them to work harder. He was a light.

Pop-Tarts are always in town. Back in the 60's when my breakfast was a wonderfully sweet tsunami, the creators over there at Kellogg’s rocked my world. I'd sit at the kitchen table with a heaping bowl of Sugar Pops in front of me, two toasted Pop-Tarts on one side, a bottle of pop on the other, and all served to me by my Pop: zinga-bing-bing-bing-BING!

Man, I miss those carefree times when we never read labels, just ate what tasted good...and breakfast was sublime.

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