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runner's walk-in closet for marathon finisher t-shirts in Tumblr parody

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You get a finisher t-shirt at almost every foot race. Run enough 5k's, 10k's, and marathons and those cloth badges of pride soon create a real space problem. Of course, you could always throw them out, or give them to charity, but if it's in your nature to hold on to things to which you have an emotional attachment, then going for a mention in the Guiness Book Of World Records for largest race t-shirt collection is the only option. Below are my important "first" t-shirts that I'll hang on to forever. They're getting tired looking, because I actually wear them. A lot.

Hope you enjoyed the Tumblr parody!

First race
2003 Arnolds Mills Road Race (Cumberland, RI, USA)
2003 Arnolds Mills Road Race finisher t-shirt

First half-marathon
2003 Monson Memorial Half-marathon (Monson, MA, USA)
2003 Monson Memorial Half Marathon finisher t-shirt

First marathon
2004 Cape Cod Marathon (Falmouth, MA, USA)
2004 Cape Cod Marathon finisher t-shirt

First Boston Marathon, 2006
2006 Boston Marathon finisher t-shirt

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