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a runner keeps busy online at the office the day after running an ultramarathon

#150 "NeeNee & Hack episode 3: Busy Day At The Office"

I attempted to make a comic with a lot of stuff to read and look at. I think I succeeded in creating a busy feel, hence the title. Looking at NeeNee keeping so busy at the office on the day after her ultramarathon, I see myself—except she has nicer legs, hair, and that sensational beauty mark. I'm totally connected to online running communities the day after a big race. I don't like to miss one comment, reply, like, share, or pic.

If I could, I would try an Endorphipatch. Imagine feeling all day like you had a great run. If the real reason I run is that I'm actually addicted to my own endorphins, then it's conceivable that the patch could replace running. I could get the same satisfaction and never leave the couch. Something to consider...

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