a four panel comic strip parody about the United Airlines incident with an airliner, two talking heads, a big hand, and a push-button with a re-accomodate label on it

#197 "The Joys Of Involuntary Air Travel"

I can't wait until I can just beam myself places like on Star Trek. Air travel has become so grueling, uncomfortable, and mind-numbing for the average flyer (I'm slightly below average on the standardized tests for passengerhood). I'd rather drive three thousand miles than fly it. Since the technology for beaming humans around the earth seems to not be coming in my lifetime, today I will start to work on teleporting myself around with the power of thought alone. There are reports of mystics that have developed this ability. I have no doubt I'll be able to someday thought-beam my organic flesh from place to place, but it's the luggage I'm not sure about. Will it make the trip? Will it somehow get lost like my luggage does nearly 50% of the time on international flights? Will it show up with things missing? Important things like my electric nosehair shaver and my special moisturizer can't get lost. No. Damn, now I'm obsessing on the luggage thing...damn...
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